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Swastik Hospital & Urological Centre – a Unit of Divya Swastik Lifecare Private Limited –  1st NABH CERTIFIED HOSPITAL IN BOKARO,JHARKHANDA pioneer medical healthcare institution  serving people’s health for last 6 years in the city of Chandrapura of Bokaro District.  A hospital that started with a few beds  in heart of the city, has grown up into a mighty healthcare service provider, with a capacity of 43 beds ( under process of expansion upto 100 beds). Our hospital is fully equipped with all required facilities and fully trained staff. It is an ISO certified hospital. Our main target is always to serve the poor and we are doing the same efficiently. Our hospital is also tied-up with various Health Insurance companies and empanelled with Ayushman Bharat Yojana (PMJAY) , & is D.V.C. approved hospital  .  All these running medical and surgical areas are under the hands of highly experienced doctors. Apart from these, hospital building is also facilitated with state of art Operation Theatre, I.C.U, N.I.C.U.,General wards & Emergency ward. There are private room facilities (A.C. and Non A.C) for admitting high class patients.  

  • OBS & GYNAE  -  Under our experienced Gynaecologist , we have pledged to provide best maternity care and to do just what is the safest for the mother and child. We encourage for safe and natural delivery. We do not distinguish between a natural  and Caesarian delivery. We are expert at Laproscopic & Hysteroscopic surgeries such as -  Hysterectomy, Mymectomy, Mastectomy, Hystectomy,Ovarian Cystectomy, Ectopic Pregnancy,etc.
  • UROLOGY & GENERAL SURGERY :-  Under Urology department we are dealing with the diseases related to Kidney, Urinary Bladder, Prostate gland, Testis and Penis. It deals with the diseases like Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Male sexual dysfunction, Renal stones, Renal / Uretric obstructions and male infertility, uro-oncology. We are expert at Laproscopic/ Laser Surgeries such as - Appendicitis, Hernia (Obstructed,Incisional, Inguinal,Umbilical),Cholecystectomy, PCNL with Holmium Laser, TURP, URS, Cystoscopy,Fissurectomy, Renal stone/Bladder stone surgery with RIRS technique,etc.
  • PAEDIATRICS & NEONATOLOGY   :- Under Paediatrics department dealing with the health of the infants, children and adolescents from birth up to the age of 18.
  • ORTHOPAEDICS  :-   Under Orthopaedics department, we are dealing with bone and spine related problems, surgeries, transplant, plates, etc.
  • CARDIOLOGY     :-  Under Cardiology department, we are dealing with the diseases related to cardiac, diabetes, heart problems, B.P, etc.
  • DENTAL   :- Under Dental services we have latest technology for treatment of oral cavity,  teeth , jaws, bones, muscle, etc.
  • OPHTHALMOLOGY    :-  Under Ophthalmology department, we deal with the diagnosis and treatment of eye disorders.
  • ENT  :-  Under ENT department we deal with the problems regarding Ear, Nose, Throat and the area of Head and Neck.
  • PSYCHIATRIC  :-  Under Psychiatric department we focus on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental. Emotional and behavioral disorders, including substance use disorders. 
  •  SPECIALIZED SURGERIES :-     1.  LAPROSCOPIC SURGERIES    2.   HYSTEROSCOPIC SURGERIES                                                                                With such above mentioned facilities, we are looking forward towards providing future based advance technological facilities in medical treatment field, we are willing to cover maximum area to serve the  public health.